Three New Canon Video Camcorders Include Mobile Control and WiFi Uploading!

Canon released three new camcorders today – that by itself is hardly big news as the camera companies regularly bring new models to market.  What is very interesting about these new models to me are the wireless options built-in.

We’ve seen some social media sharing on consumer cameras and camcorders these past few years (like the Kodak Play series of pocket cameras) and the Sony Bloggie… but these new cameras by Canon are feature rich in both the remote control options and sharing to social media.

From the Canon press release: “FTP file transfer of MP4 (3Mbps) format video to cover breaking news is enabled by dual-band wireless support (5GHz and 2.4GHz), which also allows for data sharing. A wireless remote feature also enables users to control the XA25 and XA20 camcorders via a web browser of the user’s PC or mobile device.

Camera videos can be played back or downloaded to a device using the web browser* of a PC or mobile device connected to the camcorder. In playback mode, video files can be uploaded to social media websites via the free Movie Uploader app, currently available only for iOS-related mobile devices.”

New Canon CamcordersThe Canon XA20, XA25 (at $3,199 and $2,699) are considered part of Canon’s professional product line and the new Canon HFG30 ($1,699) is the addition to the Canon Vixia – consumer video camera product line.

More information about these new cameras – which are expected to become available in late June 2013 – can be found on the Canon website:

Canon Releases Two New Professional Ultra-Compact Cameras With Wireless Digital Content Transfer

Canon Vixia HF-G30 Camcorder