Past week's Tech Tips
Review of the past week’s Tech Tip Videos

Here’s a quick look at the topics presented this past week in Chet’s Tech Tips – scroll down to find these short videos and learn!

Speech Duration Time Estimator
Easy Way for Authors & Experts to Estimate Time of Speech or Presentation

For Experts and Authors – as you’re developing an upcoming presentation and you’re building your script but curious how long your presentation might run here’s an easy to use website to assist:

How to get a black or blank screen in PowerPoint or Keynote presentation.

Quick tech-tip… for anyone presenting with a slide deck, press the ‘B’ key on your keyboard and you will display a black screen. Pressing the ‘B’ key a second time will return the presentation deck back to the same spot you “left”.  This is compatible with both Apple’s Keynote software as well as Microsoft’s PowerPoint software.

Happy First Day of Spring 2016

Photo captured on my iPhone outside my Dentist’s office.  I first was working on the collection of the flowers but saw the bee buzzing and carefully moved into the shot to capture the bee still on the flower.  I used the Tune Image setting in the Snapseed App and once saved also added the rustic looking frame (border) from the Snapped App. (Captured on iPhone, Edited in Snapseed App)

Textures of my favorite bridge

For those of you who are on the social media platform Instagram –  you likely know I am a huge fan of the Golden Gate Bridge that spans San Francisco and Marin counties in California, USA. This week I was at the bridge for a few minutes before an appointment and I was walking along the seawall – I captured a handful of photos using my iPhone.  Then I saw this rusty old chain and as I moved around I noticed how it was a nice “dance” with the Bridge itself.  I captured several photos but liked this the most.  I did add some processing using the Snapseed App (available for both Apple and Windows platform) using both the Tune Image setting along with the HDR Scape setting. (iPhone, Snapseed App)