Easily Adjusting Your JPEG Image Size Using Mac Preview App

In today’s Quick Tip Chet Davis shares how to easily adjust your image (JPEG) file size using the free Preview app on your Apple computer (laptop or desktop). This is very easy and so important if you are using images to promote yourself on the web – with this easy tool you can be sure […]

What are the most common image types on the web?

When to use JPEG, GIF, or PNG Image Files

In today’s Tech Quick Tip Your Technology Tutor provides a quick intro to the most common types of images used on the web today. Whether you are asked to submit a photo to promote an upcoming presentation or need it for a software application this quick video will give you a quick sense of the […]

The Importance of Data Rate When Converting Old Videos

Data Rate or Bit Rate Is Important When Repurposing Old Videos

In the last video I shared thoughts about converting old videotapes to a digital format. I mentioned the importance of Bit Rate (or Data Rate) if you plan on using those old videos for editing or to share with your audience. If you’re just converting old tapes to watch at home, then you can pay […]

Finding a provider to convert your videotapes to digital or DVD

How to find a quality company for your videos

In our last video I shared thoughts to help folks plan on converting their old videotapes to a digital format.  If you’re just viewing at home that’s one thing but if you plan on re-purposing old videos of you teaching, presenting, speaking into new promo videos, online classes, clips for workshops, etc then you will […]

Should I Convert Old Videos to DVD or Video Files?

Updating and viewing old videotapes

Maybe you have a bunch of videotapes of you teaching or leading a workshop that you want to see again – or even use as part of an online class, or to promote your brand, your business.  You might want to use parts of old video on YouTube, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Most people automatically think […]

Sony’s Camera Firmware Updater (computer software) may expose security risks


To update the software for your hardware, like cameras or even DVD Players, etc – something called Firmware – companies either have you update the camera directly or provide software you download onto your computer and then connect that device to your computer for updating your device.   According to an aritlce on Petapixel.com this week – a security expert cautions folks with Sony cameras about the potential security risks that are inherent with the way Sony’s camera firmware updater might affect your computer.

Good collection of iPhone tips

24 hidden iPhone settings you should know about

Here’s a good collection of some useful iPhone settings – knew about most of these but to have them all in one place is helpful.   “24 hidden iPhone settings you should know about” from the folks at Popular Science 

A MIDI Controlled ring that allows musicians to provide music effects.

From CES 2018 (Consumer Electronics Show) held in Las Vegas there is always new and innovative technology on show.  One of these that caught my eye this week is called Enhancia.  It’s a ring you wear on your finger, that is connected to a hub that integrates with an electronic instrument, like an electronic keyboard.  The musician can move their hand with the ring on it to affect the musical notes they’re playing. See the video for a sample where you can see the keyboard player moves the ring to cause vibrato in the notes.  Pretty amazing stuff – the company announced they will launch a Kickstarter campaign this Spring with an estimated price of $250-$400 US.