Mind your body position while computing…

I didn't last week and paid the price big time!

Some six months ago I shared some thoughts about your body position while using a computer, in a video I called Easy Ergonomics.  Last week I was working many hours on a video for a family friend, one day with some 5 hours editing on my laptop computer.  Not necessarily a problem by itself but I did this at our dining table instead of my office desk – and the height of the table (and my computer) was taller than it should be for healthy and comfortable posture.

The next day my arm started hurting, increasing in pain for each of the next three days – to the point where my upper arm and shoulder were in so much pain I ended up in the Emergency Room of the local hospital.  After almost 5 hours I was diagnosed with an acute case of Bursitus in my shoulder – a condition where the the shoulder bursa is inflamed.  Any movement of the shoulder results in a degree of pain.

It wasn’t until I was in the ER that I realized that I had directly contributed to this condition!  I wanted to bring that this video, and have it cued below at the part of the video where I highlight four (4) specific areas to pay attention to when using your computer so you can avoid this discomfort, and a trip to your doctor (or hospital).