Jungle Book 2016 is a great story and technical achievement.

Enjoyable digital storytelling

Wow – what an adventure… beautiful storytelling and amazing technology behind the movie.  I’m talking about the 2016 version of The Jungle Book.  I was able to see the film this past weekend with my wife and high school aged son.  I am a big fan of the 1967  version based on Rudyard Kipling’s writings – but really enjoyed this 2016 adaptation.

I really felt the characters were rich and the story line was played out in a way that keep our attention through  the entire film, although we all knew the story.  The dialog felt authentic and the voices fit the characters well.  I don’t believe it will take away from your viewing pleasure to know the only ‘live’ or real element in the entire film is the boy who plays Mowgli (Neel Sethi).  All the other characters in addition to the lush scenery is provided by the magic of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery).

The most stunning scenery moments for me were when Mowgli and Bagheera set out on their journey, and they walk in front of spectacular waterfalls.  The second impressive sce
nery moment for me was when Mowgli comes floating down a river on a log in the mist of a jungle.  Beautifully created
moments that we can enjoy at the movies.  I should also share that I relished the voice performances of Bill Murray, who played Baloo the Bear and Christopher Walken as King Louie.  I loved the characters in the 1967 movie but absolutely enjoyed these performances as well.

I came across an interesting article by Meghann Elisa on Movieplot.com where she shares some of the details behind the scenes of this film.  You can read her article and view some photos and even a short video detailing some of the CGI work here: Here’s How Jungle Book Animals Look So Real.