Cool new device for iPhone – SmartPhone Stability – the SlingShot

I have been using a new device on my iPhone and it’s a pretty cool tool for those who shoot photos and video on their Smart Phone… it’s called the SlingShot by Woxom.  This small, light-weight device has a cradle which will hold not only an iPhone or iPod touch but pretty much any SmartPhone.  It can be used as a hand-held device to provide more stable video shots… this is done as the grip handle is more easily maneuvered in a steady movement compared with the ‘normal’ hand holding a phone.

I was contacted by the folks at Woxom (who saw my iPhone Photography Secrets class) and asked if I would be willing to give the SlingShot a test.  They sent me the device and I’ve been using it the past couple of weeks…. here’s my experience and thoughts about this device:

Your iPhone or other SmartPhone simply slides into the cradle – the tension provided by the plastic fingers with your phone sitting in the horizontal position. One of the great (and unique) benefits here is that it works with lots of different SmartPhone models – but also allows you to keep your phone in it’s case!  The other products I am aware of that work with a tripod require you to remove your phone from it’s case.

You can hold the SlingShot (with your phone cradled inside) to create pretty good pans (movement left to right) or tilts (movement up/down).  You can also use this to obtain smooth panoramic photos – made possible in the Apple iOS6 (on the iPhone 4S & iPhone 5).

I appreciate the thought put into this little, affordable device.  I find myself using it more with the built-in tripod legs.  Recessed inside the handle/grip are two little plastic legs that you can swing out to create a mini-tripod.  This is a great help when you want to capture video and can be easily used on a table or counter top, on the floor or ground (make sure you avoid placing it where folks might not see it and kick it).

SlingShot iPhone Tripod & StabilizerIn particular this will allow folks to capture fun video of themselves when on vacation, or your children performing at the school concert, and even smooth time-lapse videos .  Yes, there are several great time-lapse apps for the iPhone that really work best when your iPhone is steady).

The other thoughtful inclusion here is that you can unscrew the SlingShot cradle and use this to mount your SmartPhone to a standard tripod or accessory (like the Gorilla Pod).  The base of the cradle is a standard threaded hole which attaches to any contemporary tripod screw.

Overall the SlingShot is a great accessory for those who appreciate creating quality video & photos on your iPhone or other smart phone. It is a well designed, thoughtfully crafted device that should work well in many situations.  My cautions with the product are to recommend you be careful when placing in the tripod mode – ensure the legs are extended fully and your device is tilted to maintain balance (and avoid tipping over).  I have had no problem but would pay attention to the tension provided by the cradle, as the plastic holders keep the device securely in place. Wonder how the tension will hold up over time, especially someone who is using the SlingShot a lot, with the phone in and out.

But honestly – given the price of the device, it’s well worth it for even one vacation.  At $20 (which includes free shipping in the United States through December 31, 2012!).  That’s more affordable that some of the other products available now that only provide the cradle function.

You can find out more about the SlingShot & place your on-line order via their website: