Three New Canon Video Camcorders Include Mobile Control and WiFi Uploading!

Canon released three new camcorders today – that by itself is hardly big news as the camera companies regularly bring new models to market.  What is very interesting about these new models to me are the wireless options built-in. We’ve seen some social media sharing on consumer cameras and camcorders these past few years (like […]

What You Need to Know About Flash Media (SD Cards)

NOTE: These are the show notes & resources presented in episode #4 of Your Technology Tutor. This program is available in the iTunes Store and can also be heard via the player at the bottom of this page. Your Technology Tutor Program Show Notes – Episode #4 Topic: What  You Need to Know About Flash […]

Creating Time Lapse Video on your iPhone

As I was decorating our annual Gingerbread House last evening, I used the ‘Time Lapse’ app on my iPhone to document the creative adventure.  Here’s the finished video – and below is a short video showing how you can use this iPhone App to create your own Time Lapse videos.  It’s a great idea for […]

New GoPro Hero3 Cameras Sport Amazing Features & Quality Options

What GoPro announced last evening in San Francisco was not just 1 new camera but 3 models… well actually they are 3 variations of their newest GoPro Hero HD camera – their flagship model is the Hero3 Black Edition, there’s also the Sliver Edition and the White Edition. The company is touting these are the […]

2012 CLIO Commercial: Clever Story to Sell Weetabix Breakfast Cereal

When I taught video production I loved sharing the CLIO Award Winning commercials with my students… so often these TV commercials from around the world were based on such clever ideas, good stories…sometimes creative effects as well. But always a good story line. Check out the following advert (produced and shown in the UK) by […]

Ernie Kovacs – a Television Comedic Genius

EDITORS NOTE: Why do I choose to share this with you when today’s focus is creating better video?    I firmly believe when we view think about, dissect and deconstruct samples of other producers work we can create better video ourselves   “Television: A medium. So called because it is neither rare nor well done.” — […]

Deconstructing Cinema from Videomaker

I am a big fan of ‘deconstructing’ media to see what works, what we can each learn and incorporate in our own video work. Videomaker has a nice 5-minute video posted today where they deconstruct some of the cinematography in ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’. It’s well worth spending a few minutes learning each […]