Don’t just add a new comment to your Instagram Post, you can correct your original post. In today’s Tech Quick Tip Chet Davis – Your Technology Tutor teaches you how to easily edit, update, or correct your Instagram post. You’ve probably seen other posters add comments below their original post to update or correct a mis-spelling or missing word. There’s an easier and cleaner way – you can edit your original post! Let Chet show you how.

Want to loop a video on your iPad?

Free iOS App

Do you need to loop a video on your iPad?  Maybe it’s a video you’ll be showing at a table during an upcoming conference or trade show. Maybe it’s at a Club Fair at high school or college, maybe it’s a looping video you want on display in your boutique. Whatever the reason – there […]

Stuck with Your Technology?

Explore Your Tech Mindset

I was recently interviewed by my friend and colleague Roxanne Ramoutar-Deerhodge on her radio program. We discussed a wide range of topics – largely focused on technology and the mindset traps that people often have with tech tools.   You can hear the conversation via the following link: Chet Davis Interview on Authentic Living with […]

Who’s Logged Into Your Facebook Account?

Check which computers & mobile devices are logged in

In today’s Tech Tip I share how to check which devices (computers and mobile devices) you’re logged into Facebook with. You might be surprised that you’re logged into that computer you used at the office or a hotel… or if a hacker is logged into your FB account! And there’s an easy way to remedy […]

 In today’s Tech Quick Tip Chet Davis – Your Technology Tutor teaches you how to – in today’s Quick Tech Tip Chet shares how to quickly and easily set-up and move between multiple websites on both your computer and your iPhone.

Easily Adjusting Your JPEG Image Size Using Mac Preview App

In today’s Quick Tip Chet Davis shares how to easily adjust your image (JPEG) file size using the free Preview app on your Apple computer (laptop or desktop). This is very easy and so important if you are using images to promote yourself on the web – with this easy tool you can be sure […]

What are the most common image types on the web?

When to use JPEG, GIF, or PNG Image Files

In today’s Tech Quick Tip Your Technology Tutor provides a quick intro to the most common types of images used on the web today. Whether you are asked to submit a photo to promote an upcoming presentation or need it for a software application this quick video will give you a quick sense of the […]

The Importance of Data Rate When Converting Old Videos

Data Rate or Bit Rate Is Important When Repurposing Old Videos

In the last video I shared thoughts about converting old videotapes to a digital format. I mentioned the importance of Bit Rate (or Data Rate) if you plan on using those old videos for editing or to share with your audience. If you’re just converting old tapes to watch at home, then you can pay […]