How to Keep Beverages Hot (or Cold)

Review of Paltier SmartCups

There’s some improved methods for regulating your beverages’ temperature. I have not used these myself, but was happy to see this review from my friend and colleague Bob Skidmore – AKA The Gadgeteer. He covers the use of both a SmartCup for your vehicle as well as a model for use in your home/office. Read […]

Santa Tracking Websites

You and your young ones can see where Santa Claus is on his route

For those who have youngsters around tonight – or who are young at heart we have two websites to help track Santa Claus on his annual trek around the globe!   In fact with the international time zones I just checked and Santa is already busy over Armenia heading to Russia.

In today’s Tech Talk, Chet introduces the reported benefits of turning down the blue on your mobile devices to a warmer color for optimized viewing at night. This is designed to contribute to better sleep. Join in and learn about the Night Shift option in Apple’s iOS devices. If you’re on Android – Twillight is an App as well as the product from f.lux.  You can check out the apps with the following links:  Twillight Android App   or  the f.lux application .


A friend on Facebook posed the question that got me wondering… what can you do with old CDs that you don’t need or use anymore?  I found this great article “21+ Brilliant DIY Ideas How to Recently Your Old CDs“.  These are some great ideas that range from simple to very elaborate.  I could see […]

Woman wins disability grant from allergy to electromagnetic radiation from gadgets.

Interesting post from France – with the increased use of mobile technologies, with the dramatic increase in WiFi signals it will be curious if we see a rise in similar cases . This condition by the way –  electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) – is recognized by the WHO – World Health Organization.

Two Must-Have Mobile Device Accessories for Your Next Car Trip

Keep the power going on multiple Smart Phones while you drive

Just returned from a great family vacation to Alaska… wow, what great scenery.  The grand mountains, glaciers, rivers and the ocean… flowers and wild animals (photos and videos to come). In addition to bus, airplanes, trains, kayak, canoe (and foot) we spent a week touring by rental car. Knowing that three of us would want […]