In today’s Tech Tip Chet Davis shares thoughts on how to use (free) Public WiFi safely and securely. Many folks may not know of the dangers lurking while using WiFi out and about.

Keeping Your Smartphone Data Safe from Prying Eyes

“If a stranger got hold of your smartphone, it would take just a few minutes to get to know you intimately. Your apps, messages, address book, calendar, browser history and photos tell a story about what you do for a living, who your best friends are, where you have been and what you like to […]

Is your PIN in the Top 20 Most Common combinations? Can a Theif Guess your PIN?

The ‘Infographic’ below details some very important and surprising information about PINs (Personal Identification Numbers)… it’s very likely you are using at least one PIN in your life, and maybe several. Check to make sure your PIN is not one of the top 20 most used, as this is a likely and easy target for […]