Two Must-Have Mobile Device Accessories for Your Next Car Trip

Keep the power going on multiple Smart Phones while you drive

Just returned from a great family vacation to Alaska… wow, what great scenery.  The grand mountains, glaciers, rivers and the ocean… flowers and wild animals (photos and videos to come). In addition to bus, airplanes, trains, kayak, canoe (and foot) we spent a week touring by rental car. Knowing that three of us would want […]

A first look video at what Google Glass might be like for the common user

As reported in the Guardian (UK) here is the first look at what a ‘normal’ user might expect wearing Google Glass, the sort of eyeglass shaped, wear-able glasses interface for computers being tested around the world right now by some 1,000 people. Current suggestions indicate the product will release sometime in the year 2013.

Keeping Your Smartphone Data Safe from Prying Eyes

“If a stranger got hold of your smartphone, it would take just a few minutes to get to know you intimately. Your apps, messages, address book, calendar, browser history and photos tell a story about what you do for a living, who your best friends are, where you have been and what you like to […]

Facebook Home – new Launcher program for Android Phones

Mark Zuckerberg today announced ‘Facebook Home’ – an application called a ‘Launcher’ that will work on Android phones, beginning April 12th. When asked why did they not go with a Facebook phone, Facebook’s Zuckerberg replied “A great phone might sell 10 or 20 million units at best, but our community has over 1 billion people. […]

Cool new device for iPhone – SmartPhone Stability – the SlingShot

I have been using a new device on my iPhone and it’s a pretty cool tool for those who shoot photos and video on their Smart Phone… it’s called the SlingShot by Woxom.  This small, light-weight device has a cradle which will hold not only an iPhone or iPod touch but pretty much any SmartPhone.  […]

iOS Apps Great for Mobile Learning

Here’s a neat graphic that highlights just SOME of the apps available for those using the iPhone/iPad (or iPod Touch) for learning.  With thousands of Apps it’s helpful to have a little hint at some of the more useful or helpful Apps to help you move ahead in your learning goals.  I have some of […]

Interesting comparison between parents & youth Smart phone use

Thought this was an interesting info-graphic to share… not too surprised at the percentage of youth using SmartPhones who use them for text messaging.. but was surprised to learn that many adults also use their SmartPhones for texting.  It’s a logical technology – it’s just that I see more young people engaging in that activity. […]