Two Must-Have Mobile Device Accessories for Your Next Car Trip

Keep the power going on multiple Smart Phones while you drive

Just returned from a great family vacation to Alaska… wow, what great scenery.  The grand mountains, glaciers, rivers and the ocean… flowers and wild animals (photos and videos to come). In addition to bus, airplanes, trains, kayak, canoe (and foot) we spent a week touring by rental car. Knowing that three of us would want […]

Keeping Your Tech Clean & Germ Free

NOTE: These are the show notes & resources presented in episode #4 of Your Technology Tutor. This program is available in the iTunes Store and can also be heard via the player at the bottom of this page. Your Technology Tutor Program Show Notes – Episode #3 Topic: Keeping Your Technology Clean & Germ Free […]

Quick Tips for Better iPhone Video

As the holiday weekend is upon us, here are some tips to ensure you capture better video using your iPhone or other SmartPhone. Shoot video with the phone in Landscape mode (horizontal) with the home button at right Stabilize the phone/camera – prop on something to keep from shaking Click on your subject (on-screen) for […]

How to Capture Clear Photos of Moving Kids and Animals on Your iPhone

I was asked by a student in my iPhone Photography Secrets class this week about capturing photos of their 7 year-old daughter. Here is my initial reply: While the iPhone 5 (and 4S) do have a very good camera it does have it’s limitations – there are certain scenarios where compact cameras or other higher […]

iphone won’t show WiFi network ?

My wife told me this morning… my iPhone is behaving oddly.  It won’t show our home network to enable me to connect to WiFi. In fact she said she has noticed this past week that it would not show WiFi when she was out and about.  This means any data she’s been accessing is going […]

Keeping Your Smartphone Data Safe from Prying Eyes

“If a stranger got hold of your smartphone, it would take just a few minutes to get to know you intimately. Your apps, messages, address book, calendar, browser history and photos tell a story about what you do for a living, who your best friends are, where you have been and what you like to […]

Tech Tip: Using the iOS Photo Stream to Share Photos with iPhone, iPad, Mac & Windows Computers

In today’s Tech Quick Tip Chet Davis – Your Technology Tutor teaches you how to use the Photo Stream (new in iOS 6) and Mac OS X to share photos wireless-ly between your devices and how to provide your friends & family a link to view photos, even if they don’t have a Mac computer! […]