In today’s Tech Talk Chet introduces the concept of Cloud Synchronization, or how to use connected devices to share changes in specific apps or data (documents, calendar, etc).  

In today’s Tech Quick Tip Chet shares a free, easy to use resource that will convert your PDF document into an edit-able Word document.  This is unique among similar tools as it does so while keeping the formatting (photos, layout, etc) and it is FREE!  You’ll find the tool at  

Keyboard Shortcuts for Tabbed Web Browsing

In this morning’s Tech Tip I shared how to use Tabbed Browsing in a web browser to increase your efficiency while surfing the web.  Here are the keyboard shortcuts when using Tabbed Browsing on any of the most common web browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Mac/Apple Computer ‘Command’ + ‘t’ = Open a New […]

In today’s Tech Tip, Chet Davis shares what he uses to share longer URLs (website addresses)… this can be helpful if you are attempting to share one of those really long website addresses.  Maybe it’s a page on your Blog or your website, or a report you came across online you wanted to share with your tribe on social media.  In this video Chet provides an introduction to one of the many website shortener services available.  He uses 

In today’s Tech Tip Chet Davis provides an introduction to the use of VPN or a Virtual Private Network.  This can be a useful tool to protect your internet access while traveling – you can access internet (download, upload, email, banking, etc) even on an insecure WiFi service.  

In today’s Tech Tip Chet Davis shares thoughts on how to use (free) Public WiFi safely and securely. Many folks may not know of the dangers lurking while using WiFi out and about.

In today’s Tech Tip I share a free website tool to share your live events across multiple time zones. If you’re new to webinars, coaching via Skype, teleconferences, etc… it’s important to ensure your audience and your clients know the time to connect in their own time zone.

In today’s Tech Quick Tip Chet demonstrates how you can easily check your own Internet Speed – ensure your download and upload speed are what you expect (and what you need to interact with colleagues and clients using today’s tech tools like webinars, Skype coaching, Podcasts, etc). Here are the links shared in this program: and


Map of Airport Wireless Service & Passwords

As one who has done a bit of traveling, it can be a hassle to jump through the hoops to access the passwords for wireless networks as you visit different countries (and states).  Well, no more – Travel blogger and computer security engineer Anil Polat has put together a Google Map that allows you to access the […]