In today’s Tech Tip Chet Davis shares thoughts on how to use (free) Public WiFi safely and securely. Many folks may not know of the dangers lurking while using WiFi out and about.

In today’s Tech Tip I share a free website tool to share your live events across multiple time zones. If you’re new to webinars, coaching via Skype, teleconferences, etc… it’s important to ensure your audience and your clients know the time to connect in their own time zone.

In today’s Tech Quick Tip Chet demonstrates how you can easily check your own Internet Speed – ensure your download and upload speed are what you expect (and what you need to interact with colleagues and clients using today’s tech tools like webinars, Skype coaching, Podcasts, etc). Here are the links shared in this program: and


Map of Airport Wireless Service & Passwords

As one who has done a bit of traveling, it can be a hassle to jump through the hoops to access the passwords for wireless networks as you visit different countries (and states).  Well, no more – Travel blogger and computer security engineer Anil Polat has put together a Google Map that allows you to access the […]

Facebook Safety Status – a tiny feature that addresses needs

Yesterday after the terrorist attacks in Paris, France Facebook launched their Safety Status app which allows residents in Paris to check-in or mark their status.  As you can imagine when something like this occurs the normal communication channels can be greatly impacted – this makes it difficult if not impossible for folks miles away to connect […]

In today’s Tech Quick Tip for Expert & Authors, Chet Davis shows a free website you can use to share the specific times for your next event, whether it’s a webinar, live meet-up, or other event.  The website Chet uses allows your audience to see the time in their specific time zone.

In today’s Tech Quick Tip Chet Davis – Your Technology Tutor teaches you how to set your Facebook Privacy Setting so that you can limit who sees the names (identities) of your other Facebook Friends.

You can keep your connections with all these Friends but this settings allows you to limit anyone else from seeing your list of Facebook Friends.


Video Tip: Using Google Drive to Share Documents

Great tip for authors & experts to share their freemium or book excerpts

In today’s Tech Tip for Experts and Authors Your Technology Tutor teaches you how to use a FREE account on Google Drive (Google Docs) to share a document, like a PDF Free Report or Freemium with individuals

Two Must-Have Mobile Device Accessories for Your Next Car Trip

Keep the power going on multiple Smart Phones while you drive

Just returned from a great family vacation to Alaska… wow, what great scenery.  The grand mountains, glaciers, rivers and the ocean… flowers and wild animals (photos and videos to come). In addition to bus, airplanes, trains, kayak, canoe (and foot) we spent a week touring by rental car. Knowing that three of us would want […]