In today’s Tech Tip Chet shares software he uses to detect and clean-up Malware (malicious software). This free software (free trial of full version, and free limited version) is available at

Hard to find good sounding legally free music

In today’s Tech Tip Chet shares the importance of observing the issue of using Royalty Free music for your video projects, online classes, podcasts, and other media projects, and provides one of his favorite resources for cost free, royalty free music.  You can visit the site yourself at (and as Chet suggests – consider donating on the site if you use one or more of their music files).

In today’s Tech Talk Chet provides an introduction to Cloud Computing – where both the Application (software) and the data (files, documents) are not on your local computer but in the ‘cloud’ and you compute while connected to the internet.

In today’s Tech Tip Chet introduces Cloud Backups – of both mobile devices and computers.  Whether you’re using a Smartphone/iPhone, iPad/Tablet or Desktop/laptop computer a Cloud Backup could really save your backside (by saving your data, your important files, photos, etc).   Chet reviews the use of iCloud in his iPhone as well as the laptop backup service he uses (Backblaze).

In today’s Tech Talk Chet introduces the concept of Cloud Synchronization, or how to use connected devices to share changes in specific apps or data (documents, calendar, etc).  

In today’s Tech Quick Tip Chet shares a free, easy to use resource that will convert your PDF document into an edit-able Word document.  This is unique among similar tools as it does so while keeping the formatting (photos, layout, etc) and it is FREE!  You’ll find the tool at  

Keyboard Shortcuts for Tabbed Web Browsing

In this morning’s Tech Tip I shared how to use Tabbed Browsing in a web browser to increase your efficiency while surfing the web.  Here are the keyboard shortcuts when using Tabbed Browsing on any of the most common web browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Mac/Apple Computer ‘Command’ + ‘t’ = Open a New […]

In today’s Tech Tip, Chet Davis shares what he uses to share longer URLs (website addresses)… this can be helpful if you are attempting to share one of those really long website addresses.  Maybe it’s a page on your Blog or your website, or a report you came across online you wanted to share with your tribe on social media.  In this video Chet provides an introduction to one of the many website shortener services available.  He uses 

In today’s Tech Tip Chet Davis provides an introduction to the use of VPN or a Virtual Private Network.  This can be a useful tool to protect your internet access while traveling – you can access internet (download, upload, email, banking, etc) even on an insecure WiFi service.