Choosing your Digital Tattoo – thoughtfully posting on the internet

What will this post look like to a stranger?

In today’s Tech Tip Chet Davis – Your Technology Tutor shares the first of five videos focused on Choosing Your Digital Tattoo. Today “What does this look like to a stranger?”. Your digital tattoo or digital footprint is something you create every time you share some on social media today – and it will be […]

Are You Happy With Your Digital Tattoo?

Interview: What it is and how to shape it

Had a great time talking with my friend and colleague Valda Ford recently about a very important topic – Your Digital Tatoo. For folks using Social Media it’s important you know that you are everyday adding to your Digital Tatoo, leaving a track – a record that friends, future bosses, co-workers, and your future mate […]

In today’s Tech Quick Tip Chet Davis – Your Technology Tutor teaches you how to easily turn off or disable the notifications when someone goes live with  Facebook video. This can be an annoyance on your mobile device – there’s a single setting in Facebook on your laptop or desktop computer to turn this off.

Facebook to launch new emoticons

New emoticons coming to Facebook – more than just the “Like” we’ll have Love, Wow, Haha, Sad, and Angry options. This is designed to allow your Friends to share a more accurate reaction to one of your posts. For example, Liking a post when you announce an illness – when they were doing that to show support – now they can show support and can instead communicate their feelings with you (or about your latest public post) by selecting one of the 5 new emoticons.

Facebook's New Emoticons

Facebook’s New Emoticons

Facebook Safety Status – a tiny feature that addresses needs

Yesterday after the terrorist attacks in Paris, France Facebook launched their Safety Status app which allows residents in Paris to check-in or mark their status.  As you can imagine when something like this occurs the normal communication channels can be greatly impacted – this makes it difficult if not impossible for folks miles away to connect […]

In today’s Tech Tip for Experts, Authors, and Entrepreneurs – Chet Davis shares how what and where the ‘Other’ Message box is in your Facebook account. This can be terribly important as other contacts and potential partners may be trying to reach you and you may not even know it!

Facebook Home – new Launcher program for Android Phones

Mark Zuckerberg today announced ‘Facebook Home’ – an application called a ‘Launcher’ that will work on Android phones, beginning April 12th. When asked why did they not go with a Facebook phone, Facebook’s Zuckerberg replied “A great phone might sell 10 or 20 million units at best, but our community has over 1 billion people. […]

How to Change or Modify Your Facebook Profile Name

To change your name on your Facebook profile (Facebook does require you use your own (real) name … but if you wanted to add your middle name, for example here’s how you do that: Click on the small white triangle at far upper right of your Facebook page. Scroll down and select ‘Account Settings’ – […]

Tech Tip: How to Sort Your Facebook Newsfeed

In today’s Tech Quick Tip Chet Davis – Your Technology Tutor teaches you how to sort your Facebook Newsfeed to choose between Recent Posts and ‘Top News’.  If you are noticing your Facebook stream is not showing some of your Friends posts you are expecting to see – check this setting to see if it […]