In this video Chet shares what Malware is and how it ends up on a computer (so you can learn and practice how to avoid it getting on your computer/s).

In today’s Tech Tip Chet introduces a website that can help check your grammar and spelling more completely.  You can upload documents for a grammar/spelling check, and even use a web browser extension to write better blog posts, social media posts, and more. 

In today’s Tech Talk, Chet shares Easy Ergonomics – quick tips for ensuring your body position will provide comfort while computing. 

In today’s Tech Talk, Chet shares the importance of taking care of your eyes while using computers.
With many people spending 3+ hours a day using computers, it’s very important to practice a few tips to ensure you avoid CVS or Computer Vision Syndrome which is estimated to affect some 90% of those using computers during their work day. If you deal with eye fatigue, headaches, dizziness, trouble focusing and more – first, check with your optometrist and then practice these quick tips to improve your eye health.

In today’s Tech Tip Chet introduces Cloud Backups – of both mobile devices and computers.  Whether you’re using a Smartphone/iPhone, iPad/Tablet or Desktop/laptop computer a Cloud Backup could really save your backside (by saving your data, your important files, photos, etc).   Chet reviews the use of iCloud in his iPhone as well as the laptop backup service he uses (Backblaze).

In today’s Tech Tip Chet Davis shares 4 tips to help you increase efficiency using MS Word software.  You’ll learn how to set your default font, set-up a document that will auto adjust the date, use the shortcuts to show/hide the “Ribbon” (menu), and how to use the Developer menu to create your own fill in the blanks form.  “]

Keyboard Shortcuts for Tabbed Web Browsing

In this morning’s Tech Tip I shared how to use Tabbed Browsing in a web browser to increase your efficiency while surfing the web.  Here are the keyboard shortcuts when using Tabbed Browsing on any of the most common web browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Mac/Apple Computer ‘Command’ + ‘t’ = Open a New […]

In today’s Tech Quick Tip Chet Davis shows how you can increase your efficiency when using websites (internet resources). Tabbed browsing allows you to have multiple web sites/pages open at the same time and quickly switch between them rather than having to click on a window and open that full-screen.

As shown in the video – on a Mac open a New Tab on your web browser with ‘Command’ and ‘T’ – while on a Windows computer you can do this with ‘Control’ and ‘T’.   To switch between open tabs on your web browser, click ‘Control’ and the ‘Tab’ key. 


In today’s Tech Tip Chet Davis shares thoughts on how to use (free) Public WiFi safely and securely. Many folks may not know of the dangers lurking while using WiFi out and about.

In today’s Tech Tip Chet Davis shares thoughts about when to CC and when to BCC – and please don’t Reply All that often.