Passwords – What’s Secure & Tips to Manage Them

NOTE: These are the show notes & resources presented in episode #2 of Your Technology Tutor. This program is available in the iTunes Store and can also be heard via the player at the bottom of this page.

Your Technology Tutor Program
Show Notes – Episode #2
Topic: Passwords – What’s Secure & How to Manage Them

Here are the suggestions shared on the program to help you ensure your password use is as secure as possible:

1. Do not use just one password for multiple sites/accounts. Use several passwords – ideally one for each site, and definitely keep passwords for social media/fun accounts different from your passwords for business, credit cards, banking, etc.

2. Create and use passwords that are not easily identifiable: avoid full words, avoid sequence of letters or numbers, avoid using your name, children or pets names, anything tied to your personal identity (no address, home town, favorite sports team)… much of this info is available on the internet for anyone to see/find.

Better to use a password generated by a service (Microsoft above – or a Password Vault provider, see below). OR create your own password from a phrase — in the show I used this one, for example: Pablo Sandoval is a Home Run Hitter… which creates this password:   PSisaHRH.  I added the numerals 1 & 2 at the end along with a symbol (the pound symbol)… the final result is this  secure password:  PSisaHRH12#

Here is the website provided by Microsoft to create & test your own passwords: Microsoft Password Creation Tool & Password Security Tool

3. Change your passwords every 90 days.

4. Mange your passwords using one of these three methods:

  • 4a. Password Vault: on-line service that not only stores your passwords for multiple sites/accounts but can also generate highly secure passwords.  You have one super password that provides access to your passwords.  I use ‘Last Pass’.   Other providers include the following: KeePass, 1Password (Mac/iOS only), Roboform (Windows only)
  • 4b. Save your passwords and their respective accounts & user names on a document stored on your local computer hard drive… but save it as/in a document secured by a password.  To password protect either a Word or Excel document, see this article: Password Protect Microsoft Documents, Workbooks & Presentations
  • 4c.  Keep your multiple passwords on a form or sheet of paper stored in a safe location in your home or office. As pointed out in the program, this is not a good option for a college student living in a dormitory (or person in other shared work-space). But better than not using multiple, secure passwords.

5. Cleanse your on-line identify of specific personal data.  For starters it’s not a good idea to have your birth-date posted on-line (Month, Day, and Year).  Also security experts discourage sharing of your birth town on-line. 

Some recommend not posting your home address or telephone number to the general public (you can set your Facebook and other sharing sites to cloak this info to all but your close friends/contacts).

6.  The email address you use for password reset should be a non-published email address that is not easily tied to your public identity, especially for those accounts tied to credit cards, banks, etc.

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