Understanding Technology Used to Share Videos on the Internet

 NOTE: These are the show notes & resources presented in episode #12 of Your Technology Tutor. This program is available in the iTunes Store and can also be heard via the player at the bottom of this page.

Your Technology Tutor Program
Show Notes – Episode #12
Topic: Understanding Technology Used to Share Videos on the Internet

In this episode we explore the technology behind sharing your videos over the internet.

We’ll look at a primer on Video Compression and gain an understanding of CODECS and Container Formats. Lastly Chet shares some specific websites for sharing videos. Specific info mentioned in the program relate to YouTube, Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, SmugMug.

Links presented in the program:

Upload Videos Longer Than 15-minutes on YouTube:

Uploading & Viewing Videos on Facebook

Compatible Facebook Video Files

Picasa and Video Files

Flickr and Video Files

SmugMug & Video Formats


Outline of episode #12 Your Technology Tutor podcast:

Today’s topic is sort of a continuation or more accurately Part Two of the last episode where the topic was Common Video Questions & Answers.  IN that program, episode 11, I covered some fundamentals about contemporary video cameras and recording technology.

Today – the focus is about sharing the video you’ve produced.  You see, your video camera can shoot what files in the AVCHD format and then after editing you find that you need to share an H.264 or MP4 file.  It’s like techno-terms gone crazy…It can be confusing but that’s why I am here… to help you sort out all this mumbo-jumbo and make sense of the stuff that is pertinent to you!

Here’s a snapshot of what I’ll be presenting today:

  • Exporting & Converting Video
  • Video Compression Primer
  • Codecs and Container Formats
  • Tips for Sharing Video