In today’s Quick Tip Your Technology Tutor teaches you how to use the Mac program ‘Preview’ to easily merge or combine two or more PDF documents into one single PDF document.

Facebook Safety Status – a tiny feature that addresses needs

Yesterday after the terrorist attacks in Paris, France Facebook launched their Safety Status app which allows residents in Paris to check-in or mark their status.  As you can imagine when something like this occurs the normal communication channels can be greatly impacted – this makes it difficult if not impossible for folks miles away to connect […]

A friend on Facebook posed the question that got me wondering… what can you do with old CDs that you don’t need or use anymore?  I found this great article “21+ Brilliant DIY Ideas How to Recently Your Old CDs“.  These are some great ideas that range from simple to very elaborate.  I could see […]

In today’s Tech Quick Tip for Expert & Authors, Chet Davis shows a free website you can use to share the specific times for your next event, whether it’s a webinar, live meet-up, or other event.  The website Chet uses allows your audience to see the time in their specific time zone.

In today’s Tech Quick Tip Chet Davis – Your Technology Tutor teaches you how to set your Facebook Privacy Setting so that you can limit who sees the names (identities) of your other Facebook Friends.

You can keep your connections with all these Friends but this settings allows you to limit anyone else from seeing your list of Facebook Friends.


Video Tip: Using Google Drive to Share Documents

Great tip for authors & experts to share their freemium or book excerpts

In today’s Tech Tip for Experts and Authors Your Technology Tutor teaches you how to use a FREE account on Google Drive (Google Docs) to share a document, like a PDF Free Report or Freemium with individuals

I was delighted to be interviewed by Dr. Deb Carlin of The K Factor  who teased the interview with “Chet is an amazing, smart guy with a great perspective and something of value to teach us! Join in today!”  We talked about some of my beginnings in technology, four tips for experts and authors to get the most using technology to reach their tribe, their audience and more. Click the link below or here to listen to the program.


Appearance: Chet Davis: A Major Technology Teacher on The K Factor
Outlet: The K Factor with Dr. Deb Carlin
Location: Online Radio Program
Format: Podcast

Two Must-Have Mobile Device Accessories for Your Next Car Trip

Keep the power going on multiple Smart Phones while you drive

Just returned from a great family vacation to Alaska… wow, what great scenery.  The grand mountains, glaciers, rivers and the ocean… flowers and wild animals (photos and videos to come). In addition to bus, airplanes, trains, kayak, canoe (and foot) we spent a week touring by rental car. Knowing that three of us would want […]

In today’s Tech Quick Tip Chet Davis shows why you should load your videos directly to Facebook instead of posting a YouTube link. We’re seeing this leads to maximum engagement – see how to do this in today’s Tech Tip.

In today’s Tech Quick Tip Chet Davis – Your Technology Tutor shows how you can use the new Cards feature on any of your YouTube videos to guide your viewers to action. This can be used to promote your book, workshop, your non-profit cause and more.